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Life is fiction. Those who’ve had good story tellers in their lives are the lucky ones. History is determined by those who write and/or tell it, and I’m sure you’ve heard, “truth is stranger than fiction, a formal adaptation of, “you can’t make this shit up.” Politics is forever in the fray, as to how it was or at least how it’s remembered. Explaining inventions, technology and so forth of today, to someone from 100 years ago would have it’s obvious reaction of astonishment. Explaining human interaction, religion and winning at any cost mentality, as well. Not the fierce determination of survival demonstrated during the ‘Great Depression’, but rather how win, just win, became the most important thing to us. What would blow their hair back is, embellishment of the truth as a tacitly approved practice, has been left in the dust by blatant unsubstantiable lying only to be met with a more outlandish attack on veracity.

The ‘Me Too Movement’ exposes instances and practices of sexual harassment/assault of recent times and years past. Simultaneously, U.S. citizens of color are summarily attacked by emboldened bigots ordering them out of “their” country. Homosexuals and transgenders are declared abominations by the religious zealots and it’s pretenders, while proven pathological liars and those with dreams of oppressing the less fortunate are anointed as “blessed”. I am not qualified to tell anyone what they should think an abomination is, nor am I to write this blather. However, when the actions and deeds including infidelity and lying are otherwise thought to be earth shattering, are ignored in another instance, based on political affiliation, even the uncredentialed can’t help but be overtaken by the stench of hypocrisy.

Aah hypocrisy, once thought to be tawdry and vulgar is wholeheartedly embraced, particularly in politics and only cited by the ignorant. One may openly spew their insincerities unfettered. No one is held accountable, lest their own deceit be called out. To the untrained eye, it might seem these ‘rule changes’ if you will, put us at risk of moral decay. That would be correct and damned if that isn’t cradled affectionately to the bosom as well. Moral fiber has its place ie:one spouse should not beat the other senseless, in the presence of the children. If it appears I have perhaps set the bar lower than you’d like, remember you are grooming the next generation of leaders. Do you want your child burdened with empathy, pitted against another, lacking any such hindrance? Of course not. Life is a cutthroat war and girded for battle they shall be.

I personally, find myself teary eyed thinking of my progeny tossing broke ass chislers out into the snow for non-payment. A proud moment to be sure.


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