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I sit in the living room of my cabin looking out the bay window at the lake.  Deer are playing down at the water, the air is cool and my coffee hot. A thought nags at me.  Does Melissa Joan Hart from the diet commercial know I would have her with or without the extra forty pounds.  As one doe playfully jumps over another, I think to myself, how do the medical conglomerates sell anything, when the drugs on television to rid you of the wart on your ass come with disclaimers of, “may cause cancer, may cause blindness and/or you may suffer a fiery death in hell.”  I don’t leave the house,in fear of contracting a wart.


The buck leaves his harem long enough to approach my window and is probably thinking, humans, ya gotta lov’em, walkin’ on two legs, they’re darling.  In some countries, in the wild, poachers can be shot and killed if caught in the act.  So tell me just how valuable can a rhinoceros horn be? Common sense would tell you it’s surely more lucrative to kill people and your  less likely to be found out. Many of the hired kill  victims are either not noticed gone or their untimely absence celebrated.  Murder a rhinoceros and you read about it on other continents. Back to the horns, it is said their use is a relief to  erectile dysfunction after being reduced to powder and processed properly. It is an elementary conclusion, this fix is reserved for the wealthy, high society if you will.  Those less blessed monetarily know full well, popsicle sticks and rubber bands will do nicely.


The buck  takes a drink of water and is joined by a couple does.  The other four does are looking in different directions to provide security.  There’s nothing like relaxing with not a care or thought in the world. I wonder what Melissa Joan Hart is doing

Serenity in the Woods

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