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Are politicians invited to career day at schools? Are they welcome? Think about it. How many of

our present day office holders would you want advising and/or tutoring your children? You have

religious leanings? DO NOT APPLY. Your progeny is better off going to the packed gymnasium

to hear Guido Last Name Withheld espouse on the career path of grifting and identifying

vulnerable neighborhoods. Career politicians have forfeited the lion’s share of their soul before

even witnessing the splendor of our Capitol building in Washington D.C. Those surplus funds at

the county level aren’t going to embezzle themselves.

Some would argue, the quandary is best idiomized in “money talks and bullshit walks.” You can’t

achieve significant government influence without appropriate funding.” In some parts of D.C.

properly contextualized, appropriate is pronounced lavish. Whilst your neighbor’s girl is two

rooms down, receiving an intelligible understanding of channel locks and the installation of a

central air unit. Your son salivates at the number of people who must do a politician’s bidding

and follow whatever s/he says. The desk, he loves the desk. Picture and listen to Homer

Simpson's drooling.

In rare cases these professionals retain not only their decency and dignity… Oh, not the Water

and Heat people, they’re fine. I’m speaking of the office holders who summarily relinquish any

sense of self worth or hope of salvation at the door. They explain how lucky they are to serve

you and your families. They speak in strong terms of dying before they allow you to be

swallowed up by the devil’s own making, CRT or critical review theory. The outline of a human

history, with the benefit of less severe pinkish hue. Teaching our history in race relations gingerly

does not mean ignoring it. Ostensibly to prevent the youths from feeling bad about themselves.

Ostensibly hell. The governor of Florida, supported a bill that said precisely that. My son says

it’s because the ‘concerned’ adults think today’s youth are too stupid to digest and differentiate

unpleasant truths. He adds that it won’t help that adults would have to face it also. Ironically, this

type of matter allows the public servant to present him or herself as firm in judgment, straight

forward in his convictions and go so far as to put base in their voices.

Extremists are loudest and thus catered to for public opinion. The middle wants things to run

smoothly without interruption and pols fear the middle. Middle = Weak in the world of crooked

horse trading. We have some fine, honest people in our politics. However, tyranny is becoming

fashionable and lying the norm. Right and wrong have long been easily identified but when left

to the eye of the beholder, buckle up.

Gotta go. Junior is drifting over to ‘grifting and vulnerable neighborhoods.’


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