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Regretfully Yours

“I’m so sorry, I apologize, I don’t know what I was thinking”  An apology is an avenue to express regret for a misdeed or poor decision.  Regret, is the key element in its definition. What is apparently assumed is sincerity, or at least was at one time.  One may apologize for what what took place, support what occurred but, be sorry for the feelings of the injured party or vice versa.


Simple acknowledgment, is carelessly recognized as an  apology but is not valid. “Yes, I robbed your apartment.  Robbing you was the best thing I did this week.” Sincerity cannot be taken for granted.  An apology is demanded for virtually any and all indiscretions committed or allegedly committed by anyone with celebrity status, including of course those of the political arena.


As the sanctified society we’ve become, we demand contrition when one is unfaithful to their spouse.  Upon discovery, we must have an apology for lying about it. Afterall, who among us wouldn’t opt for the truth to cleanse our souls, upon the charge of infidelity and humbly but nobly accept the consequences.


“We insist an apology be issued by the mayor.  The governor must apologize before this matter moves forward.”   Truth and integrity may have been the root of the original problem, but are summarily dismissed as inconsequential. This leg of the dispute does not close with a handshake, amicable understanding or even an acceptance of the ne’re dowell’s regret.  It is in fact a win/lose confrontation. ‘Of course you’re not sorry, who cares, we won.’


These situations should be settled with a ducat or betting chip, as that’s all that’s relevant.  ‘Acknowledgment?’ Sure, that’s fair, but often unrealistic. Most responses from those noted above, take you around the block, down the street and over the river to the point, those untrained in the field of journalism or investigative interviewing, will find it difficult to recall exactly what prompted the hot pursuit of the apology.  


Truth has become subjective, as if it can be revamped, molded and remodeled to fit our ‘opinion’.  My concern is not with the transition of fact or an alternative interpretation of reality. It’s new found ambiguity serves my propensity for prevarication very well.  But, if I apologize for it beware. I have neither a betting chip, a care or a fat rat’s ass to spare.

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