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Were, I a writer, I would be a good one.  I would put to paper the great things I have seen.  I would share the emotions I witnessed, or thought I felt people experiencing.  I would speak of the victories, defeats, life, death, the self-satisfaction and repulsion.  The love, hate, prejudice and indifference that mark every generation but are always felt exclusive to their own would not be exempt.  I would write of the mysteries that excite, plague, tantalize and devastate us, the romantic stories that make us cry, regret, miss and even try to love again.  I would tell stories that would entertain and be told over and over and still once again. Were, I a writer, I would be a good one.

Stunningly articulated, paradigmatically sound and foundationally robust.  Now brace yourself for the drivel I’ve got for you.

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