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The former president of the United States is fingerprinted, re-handcuffed and does the ‘perp walk’ to a waiting prison bus to transport him and other societal ne’er dowells to Riker’s Island to await trial. The bus pulls away, the screen goes to black. Trump, played by Alec Baldwin of SNL fame, is listed in the credits. At the end of the credits an informational note declares,”Trump ultimately sentenced to 30-60 years' for being a gigantic pain in the ass to mankind. “That’s a wrap.” Spielberg smells an Oscar.

Back to reality or as close to it as we dare, what would normally be a disgraced former president is a ten year old boy marching to the gallows to take one for the team because that’s the kind of guy he is. The background music brings tears to his most ardent detractors. Ever the hero in his daydreams, his adult self wouldn’t hesitate to reach into the crowd, snatch the flag waving old man wearing his VietNam Veteran cap, out of his wheelchair and toss him in his stead.

If the ‘party of law and order and family values’ deigns to not have their savior rule from a cell block they have a bevy of alternates on hand. At this point all ostensibly support Trump so as not to offend his base and will not speak against him. The presently most formidable opponent, a southern state governor is politically a shade to the right of Adolf Hitler. He enjoys long walks on the beach, snuggling, burning books and developing and enforcing his own value system on any and all constituents. It isn’t that Trump wouldn’t eventually enjoy having head’s of state kissing his ring but the southern governor would prefer it to be instituted after lunch, the day of his own innauguration.

The ranks of neo-nazis grow and the klu-klux-klan breathes a deep and satisfied breath. Stifled to a degree by compassion, empathy and decency for a number of years, peace and love if you will. It is again open season on the oppressed. Hitler youth whose primary training module of hate has been at the dinner table must dutifully add to the easily identified black race. During the relative lull in hatred and detestation significant intermingling has occurred with the “master race,” Jews, Catholics and immigrants. Satan’s work piles up quickly when hate goes on a holiday. Or even takes a long lunch.

Not teaching or admitting the existence of the Holocaust should work nicely for those anxious for the next.


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