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The season of the ghost is upon us. Why not? We have a donut day, take your iguana to work day. Who doesn’t like a damned good ghost? People often speak of what they’d give, just to sit on the porch with Mom or Pop, who are no longer with us at least physically. How we’d tell them we miss them and long for their advice and direction. Unfortunately, Pop was always a bottom line sort’a guy and has maintained a more realistic vision of the past and present. Given the opportunity for that one on one confab on the porch and subsequent to your heart rending story about missing them, Pops rolls his eyes. He breaks the ice with an open hand clap to the back of your head. “Hey Bill Gates, you think I worked my whole life so you could go to the track, play Lotto and drink beer?” Somehow the mood has diminished for the tear filled, heavenly communication. Before the exchange ends he lets you know, ‘My Favorite Slovak’ is a sure thing in the fourth race at Thistledown Race Track, Saturday. You leave thinking, “well there’s that.”

The point is, we tend to over dramatize… well we tend to over dramatize most everything but that’s not where I’m goin’ with this. Lily hosts the divine intervention in the tea room with Mom:”So, you couldn’t go out with that Isaac boy? You were at his Bar Mitzvah for God’s sake. But out of nowhere comes this Ricky Tipton and in two weeks he’s to second base already?” Mom would add this was killing her, had she not already expired. “Ma, I’m sixty-three years old.” “Sixty-three, Miss Bigshot, too old to listen to your mother?”

I suppose some of these 'rendezvous’ would be more heartfelt, words that were left unspoken and so forth. But the reality of mystery is it’s mysterious. Once the impossible and the ‘what if it isn’t, are intertwined the problem starts. Precisely why we imagine what we would say to a departed loved one, if given the opportunity. Because sometimes all we have is imagination, but damn ain’t it a lot? Be ready though, you might just get up one morning and they’ll be sitting in the kitchen with the coffee on.


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