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The detective calmly and articulatly testified four hours and thirty five minutes in the capital murder case. Subsequent to stating her name and rank, any lie detector would have lit up like a pinball machine. The policewoman had not accomplished a completely honest arrest/conviction this year. Though, in her defense, it was only April.

Eloise Finnegan was a third generation cop and like her father and his father before him, was not distracted by laws or evidence favoring the defendant. She justified her ‘alternate reality’ by ensuring the perp’s guilt, at least to her satisfaction, and proceeded accordingly. Appropriate planting of evidence was among the issues overlooked by the framers in her opinion. In the case of a jewelry store robbery, Officer Finnegan would routinely leave the crime scene appearing ten pounds more rotund than when she arrived. She reasoned that all employee perks could not be covered in a union contract.

Her friend’s basement was filled with cases of liquor, Eloise had long ago decided not to check into the evidence locker. Her calendar reflected her needing to pick up a $500.00 bottle of Merlot from that friend next Tuesday to compliment the grilled cheese sandwiches she would prepare for her husband and children on her George Foreman grill.

A decorated officer, who had earned every medal and award, through valor, bravery above and beyond, etc. When she spoke at elementary schools, the children cheered her. Officer Finnegan was indeed a hero to children and adults alike. Anywhere from doubling as a crossing guard when Mr. Funk had a medical emergency, to hostage situations and a few gunfights for good measure. Eloise and her brothers and sisters in blue were the go to guys.

Did anyone know of the darker side? Pretty much everyone. No one spoke of it or acknowledged it. If some Nosey Parker showed a little too much interest, word got out quickly and that individual was shunned.

No one ever argued it was ok and no one said it was wrong. Instead it was just the way it was. It simply didn’t happen and no one had reason to believe it ever occurred. “What occurred?” Another universe perhaps, an alternate dimension a possibility but certainly not here.

What was a reality was crime free neighborhoods, a friendly and diverse citizenry and the fourth of July parade down Main St. being led by the young school children and Officer Eloise.


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2 opmerkingen

Karen D. Bota
Karen D. Bota
12 jul. 2021

Sounds like you’re in love with Eloise? 😎

WJ King
WJ King
12 jul. 2021
Reageren op

After my own heart and a basement full’a booze. Made in heaven.

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