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No matter how much you study the situation or consider the details, there never seems to be an

optimum moment to tell your spouse there’s someone else. That’s the first fact of life. It’s not

that you have particularly harsh feelings about him or her but it’s over. This time you’re finally,

really in love with someone who can and does love you back. This only happens once in a

lifetime and you owe it to yourself, hell you owe it to them, not to waste three lives on this

washed up relationship. Now it’s no longer only a confession of cheating on your mate, it’s for

their own good. Give this much more thought and you’ll be a hero who saved her a lifetime of


What kind of lowlife would you be, not to break it off. Now there’s no question but to eliminate

the problem and oh how far we’ve come. What was once a heartfelt confession and

subsequent divorce, is now quite simply making the problem disappear. You know she won’t go

quietly and drift into the night but will rather make your life miserable with your money and her

shrewlike inclinations some of which you have manufactured. In the final analysis, murder was

virtually never a good idea. That’s the second fact of life.

Aah, the third and perhaps most important, don’t bury the body in a flower bed susceptible to



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