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The death penalty has often been employed as a political football, across the nation. Thou shalt not kill, is a directive in Judaism and Christianity and touched on as suggested protocol in other religiosities. However, deviation is permitted with the “eye for an eye clause.” Anti-death penalty and pro, banter abounds.

“Not a deterrent.” The anti crowd contends, capital punishment does not dissuade people from murdering others. They argue that one does not consider repercussions when ending the life of another. While this may be a reasonable response to the discussion, one may also suggest that no one dispatched to their reward, in a government endorsed gas chamber or excessive electrical voltage, has ever killed or committed crime again. Having been found guilty by twelve peers, our responsibility is ended and justice shall prevail. That is, until DNA testing reared it’s troublesome head and just like that, since 1989 three hundred and sixty five people have been released from prison after serving decades, in some cases. Fourteen from death row and many more, sentenced to life among them. Comedian Ron White, joked, “Most states are curtailing the death penalty and Texas is putting in an express lane.”

Now with DNA in the mix, hopefully those mistakes are remedied and we can pursue killing guilty murderers with the fervor it deserves. Or, we may man the lines with our posters, outside the respective death houses. I believe, after being absolutely sure of the findings that a life was taken in whatever manner that demands capital punishment, it should be carried out. Not twenty-five or thirty years later, when the roar of the crowd has dissipated but soon after the verdict is determined and fair appeals, exhausted in a timely manner..

My point is, the execution should be celebrated and what better way to get people’s minds off pot holes and politics, than to give them more bang for their tax buck with a damn good execution. Those states that relish the firing squad for a final sendoff, shall ensure volunteers register, not higher than 0.15% on a breathalyzer. The shooting area shall be given a wide berth in the happenstance...well let’s face it, there are panty waists out there who can’t hold their liquor at even 0.15%.

Finally, after achieving a belly full of beer, Italian Sausage sandwiches, Elephant Ears and the condemned has been dispatched, the Chaplain will address the crowd, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Plenty to talk about at work tomorrow and don’t forget the $3,400.00 raised to build a community swimming pool from tee shirt sales, “I WENT TO EDDIE’S EXECUTION AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS T SHIRT.”


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