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“I’m not perfect, but…” What smashingly good form, to let us know, you humbly concede you merely sit at the right hand of he who is professed to be perfect. Good to erase any lingering suspicions, you were, you pompous ass. To find you are only on the cusp of sainthood is both baffling, and disconcerting to those who made assumptions of your righteousness. After such a revealing disclaimer, how can one not, hang on your every word.

“I’m not perfect but…” is the introduction to describing someone you believe to be a dumb horse’s ass. Your noble concession, points out, you are obviously not a ‘know it all’ and your observation is surely an objective one. At this point you go on, to explain your decision making is superior but without alienating who you are talking to and will soon transform to a co-conspirator. If this process continues unimpeded, you and the other person or group will agree, the subject is dense as a rock. Dale Carneghie, didn’t include this well thought out strategy in How to make friends etc but it was likely an oversight.

This is all included in my book, “Civil Conversational Manipulation.” Google, be damned. If you are able to garner more people on your side of the conversation, you win. Facts have their place but are sooo, 1990’s. If silly facts are blocking you from establishing your position, you have an ace in the hole because you are ‘entitled to your opinion.’ This not only frustrates your adversary but drives them to distraction. Your opinion can withstand any battering, while you may sit back and address any counterpoint with, “fake news.” These conversations are best had under long distance conditions, lest you be strangled.

My communication strategies transcend the antiquated forms such as actually talking to one another. Its brilliance shines upon social media, texting and if unavoidable, and you are cornered can be implemented in a (cringe) face to face or phone conversation. You have likely noticed, no one worth their salt, loses an argument or debate on facebook. Once the ‘my opinion’ clause has been invoked your opponent’s efforts are futile. Don’t for a minute think you are limited by any standards or moral tenets. “The moon is made of cheese. That’s just my opinion,” is not unrealistic but my ‘strangulation’ disclaimer applies here.

Join me in victory. In years past communication entailed the exchange of ideas, philosophical diversity and such. Our new age enlightenment reveals we can learn that stuff anytime, now is the time to win, win, win.


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