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The world is made out of bullshit. Not the manure of one but rather the slang of lying, or any

other inane or nonsensical communication. Bullshit was once easily identifiable and in most

cases without malice. A ‘bullshitter’ was thought to be a fun loving sort, spewing obvious

untruths to the enjoyment of his or her public. As is all else, this form of conveying thoughts was

pushed to its limits to become simple prevarication. No longer a harmless pastime but an

engrained and malicious method of domination.

“That’s bullshit,” is a common retort. A horse’s fecal matter is sometimes distinguished as a

replacement for the male cow but the message is the same. And that is:what the sayer is saying

is absent of any value. When elevated and/or lowered to lying, particularly with malice in one’s

heart, the true, good natured bullshitter is cast in a negative light. This individual may be called

a liar, a category s/he is certainly not deserving of. Thus, the bullshitter is the injured party and if

the amicable bullshitter is embattled, aren’t we all?

Politician’s have been tacitly permitted to bullshit under license of ‘campaigning’. The politician

makes promises that can only be filed under bullshit by any reasonable person. ’Bill Clinton

stated, the era of big government is over.” Believers may very well still be standing on their

heads. George Bush Sr. famously promised that if elected he would not raise taxes but to the

G.O.P. 's anguish, did. Campaign bullshit is to reinforce already existing supporters and if very

successful may cause some undecideds to wander into camp.

Heads of State lie as a matter of course ‘for the greater good.’ C.E.O.’s also lie for the greater

good of the stockholders. These entities should not be confused with bullshitters, though they

may be good ones. These are bald faced liars who believe everyone is and therefore face no

consequences. Those whom we attempt to hold accountable, engage counsel and then we are

talking about an entirely new level of prevarication, ambiguity and a touch of bullshit to warm up

the judge and jury.

In the 1992 movie, “A Bronx Tale,” Robert DeNiro’s son tells a tale at the dinner table to get

away with something and is corrected by his mother. The boy say’s “I had to give it a shot.” The

mother looks to DeNiro for support and he says, “hey he had to give it a shot.” Thus the

attitudinal quandary, ‘If ya don’t get caught you’re good.’ With the countless media outlets and

fact checkers working 24/7, it’s kinda like shoplifting in 2021 with a 1965 skill set. You’re going to

get pinched. But being caught, being wrong no longer makes a difference to many. WIN, WIN,

WIN and crush the adversary, is all that matters. Go find a good bullshitter and have a few

beers, you’ll feel much better.


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Feb 20, 2022

I enjoyed all three of these short stories. I reread them to make sure I had read and marked all 3 with likes. I’m impressed with you ability to write a tale that peaks into your life , young and old. It’s an outlet I’d not thought of for you. But you do express and make a person think,feel and take a moment to pause. Hmm what would I do or think in these stories? i hope to continue to read your stories. So do keep writing.


Karen D. Bota
Karen D. Bota
Jan 08, 2022

Well said!!!

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